Announcement: As every year I will take some weeks off during the time between years. This time I decided to skip three weeks (during which there will still be some uploads in the form of sketches, as usual) because I kinda had some stressful days and need the time off to prepare the rest of the chapter, among other things ;)

That means that next week will be the last regular update this year, and it will continue again on January 8th.

↓ Transcript
<Meanwhile, outside, Slania and Shara are talking>
Shara: So ... now Book ended up staying with the mages after all. Didn't you want to avoid that?
Slania: ... I did. But apparently my cells aren't as secure as I thought.
Shara: Heh. You don't say.
Shara: ... of course Lady V HAS bought Guild guards before. Do you really think he's safe HERE ... ?
Slania: I would hope that Master Peck has taken a THOROUGH look at his people and asked himself which ones he can REALLY trust. I know I will.
Shara: And if that leaves you with NONE?
Slania: I know there are some. At least for me. And I will have them have an eye on what happens HERE.
Shara: Peck won't like that.
Slania: Yes.
Shara: Which in turn plays right into Lady V's hands again.
Slania: ... yes.
Shara: She's REALLY got you guys on the ropes, hasn't she? Why don't you just go and ... y'know ... ARREST her?
Slania: With the guard in disarray and the public on her side? It'd look like a power grab. A SHORT one. Before she'd take over and "save" the city. She just needs a justification.