… wherein nobody was surprised. Not even these two.


Still feels good to finally have them do this :)

↓ Transcript
<Katharina and Book look each other in the eye and smile>
<Their lips approach each other>
<They kiss!>
<They stop for a moment, still very close>
Katharina: ... this ... does this surprise you, Jester ... ?
Book: Well, to be honest ...
Katharina: ... me neither.
<They kiss again>
Book: <gently pushing her back> Um ... I REALLY hate me for saying this, but ... I am EXTREMELY tired and it feels like every bone in my body hurts ...
Katharina: Y-YES! Of course! Sorry. You should get some rest! We'll ... talk later. About EVERYTHING.
<She gets up and prepares to leave>
Book: Katharina? Again: Thank you SO MUCH. For everything.
Katharina: <smiling> ... just rest. And call for me if you need anything. You're safe here. I'll make sure of that.