Book: So ... you expect me to think less of you? Because you WANTED to save me but ALSO feared for your own safety?
Katharina: Well ...
Book: But you DID come for me in the end, didn't you?
Book: <smirking> ... unless I died and you're an angel.
Katharina: Don't joke about that!
Book: Sorry, Ma'am.
<He places his hand on hers>
Book: And no offense to SHARA but ... if it weren't for YOU ... well I don't think she would have come for me by herself, would she?
Katharina: Well, I don't know ...
Book: And if you WEREN'T afraid of something like that ... frankly I think something might be wrong with you. Being afraid and still doing something DESPITE that ... that is kind of the definition of bravery, isn't it?
Katharina: ... now you're just trying to flatter me again.
Book: No I'm not. I don't know about "heroes", but you are one of the bravest and strongest people I know. And while I hate the thought of you putting yourself into danger ... I am SO, SO GLAD that you came to my help. So thank you, Katharina.
Katharina: I ... also can't stand the thought of you being in danger. To be honest, I ... the way it felt when they took you? It was SO MUCH WORSE than I expected.
Book: Well, while they had me ... I was terrified of what they might do to me, of course ... but the worst thing in my mind was the possibility that I might NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN.



Alt-text: "Getting a bit cheesy at the end there, Jester. But I don't think she'll mind."

Wherein both of them continue to beat around the bush ... ;)

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