Want to have a guilt complex, but you haven’t actually let anyone die? Just convince yourself that you probably would have, kinda, I bet, probably, if things had been a bit different …


… or maybe we’re mixing things with some other past experiences here, not entirely sure.

↓ Transcript
<Later, in a room at the Mages' Guild. It's getting towards morning and Katharina is tending to Book's wounds>
Katharina: ... this should make sure it doesn't swell too much.
Book: Thank you.
Katharina: How do you feel? I don't THINK you have any broken bones, or anything serious like that.
Book: <with a tired smile> No, I think it's fine. They only ... er ... roughed me up a bit. Thankfully YOU arrived before they could do anything more serious.
Katharina: <withdraws her hands from his face>Yes, I ... I-I'm also very glad that we were there in time ...
Book: What's the matter? Is something wrong ... ?
Katharina: I ... I HAVE to be honest, Jester. When you were gone and I didn't know where you were and what was happening to you ... that was one of the WORST FEELINGS I have had in a long time. BUT ...
Book: But?
Katharina: But I was also so ... so TERRIFIED! I was sitting there, watching you getting taken away and I was PARALIZED! I WANTED to go help you, b-but ... if Shara hadn't been there to give me a KICK IN THE BUTT I don't know if I had really ... o-or if I had just SAT THERE and let them ...
Katharina: <looks down> ... let you die.
Book: Katharina ...
Katharina: I'm a COWARD, Jester. I thought you should know. Before you see me as some kind of HERO ...