<Without supports the stairs below the thugs start to creak menacingly>
Female Byzarian Thug: What the -
Male Byzarian Thug: Oh shit! IT'S COMING DOWN!!
<The stairs crack and begin to break away, as the thugs begin to panic>
Baroc Thug: Quick, get up to -
Female Byzarian Thug: YOU'RE IN MY WAY!!
Male Byzarian Thug: Get out of - AAAAAAHHH!!!
<Everything comes crashing down with loud noise and rumble>
<Slania stands at the entrance and watches the whole thing, shielding herself from all the dust that gets blown up>
Slania: ... told you the building was unsafe.



Alt-text: "Slania just about had enough of this scene ..."

When you've been a badass for as long as the guard captain, you always have some one-liners in the back of your mind.  

.... ok, maybe they're not always the best one liners.

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