Woooo – 500 pages! I’d celebrate some more, but I’m kinda tired.


Of course, if you want to celebrate with me and feel like creating some … I don’t know … fan art or fan fiction, I’d be super curious ;)



Also enjoy this extra long strip of Slania wrecking house.



↓ Transcript
<Back down at the entrance, Slania is standing menacingly in the door while the Byzarian und Human thugs scramble to get away from her>
Male byzarian thug: Fall back to the rest! They need our help up there!
Human thug: FAE'S BALLS - How did that woman get so big?! WHAT HAS SHE BEEN EATING?!
<The run up the rickety wooden stairs to regroup with the others>
Human thug: <looking back down> ... are we really scared ... of ONE WOMAN now ... ?
Male byzarian thug: NO, we just need to REGROUP!
<They run into the other two thugs who are just on their way down to catch up with Katharina, Shara and Jester who jumped out of the window>
Female byzarian thug: ... You idiots, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! TURN AROUND!!
Male byzarian thug: WHAT?! But didn't you -
<The stairs are creaking under all their weight>
Female byzarian thug: They got away! THEY'RE ON THE STREETS! DOWNSTAIRS, YOU MORONS!!
Male byzarian thug: But ... that's where SHE is!
<Meanwhile we see Slania pick up a large log from the debris>
Female byzarian thug: I don't care who's down there! THERE'S MORE OF US!
<Slania winds up for a big swing>
<Slania swings the log through all of the remaining wooden pillars supporting the stairs>