Alt-text: "Good thing no one here is afraid of Captain Slania."

Woooo - 500 pages! I'd celebrate some more, but I'm kinda tired.  

Of course, if you want to celebrate with me and feel like creating some ... I don't know ... fan art or fan fiction, I'd be super curious ;)    

Also enjoy this extra long strip of Slania wrecking house.    

4 thoughts on “page500

  1. Congratulations for the 500! I hope there is many more to come.

    Also the captain wasn’t kidding about the house being unsafe. Those stairs were barely holding on.

  2. Congratulations, and thank you for 500 pages!!

  3. Congratulations on reaching page 500 of your web-comic. I know I’ve found it to be an entertaining to read. I have been especially impressed with how you’ve handled this most recent encounter. It’s fun seeing some of the guards have a clever way of getting around Katherine’s barrier forcing her and Shara to think on their feet. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks! I’m really glad you like it, and I hope you’ll stick around for more ;)

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