↓ Transcript
<The two thugs jump down into the room, ready to stop them>
Byzarian thug: ... GET THEM!
Byzarian thug: BEFORE THEY ESCAPE ... !
<Shara grabs Book and flips the bird to the Black Fist thugs>
<Katharina jumps out of the window, followed by Shara and Book and they all hover down with levitation>
Byzarian thug: <leaning out of the window> FUCK!! ... BACK and DOWN THE STAIRS, c'mon!!
<All three arrive at the street level in front of the building unharmed>
Book: Hrgk ... t-thank you so much, b-both of you ...
Shara: Stuff it, we're not out of it yet.
Katharina: S-shara ... ?
Katharina: ... WHAT NOW?
Shara: Now? We RUN. And hope they can't follow.