Oh no, magic! The one thing they DIDN’T want to happen!

↓ Transcript
Shara: <looks up> ... They what? SHIT - they're taking another way!
Katharina: But ... the door's the only way in?
Shara: Apart from where WE came! Come and help me with these stupid ropes!!
<both are now trying to free Book of the ropes, while the thugs are approaching the whole in the roof>
Shara: Hold still!
Katharina: I got it! Are you alright, Jester?!
Book: ... y-yeah ...
Shara: They're on the roof, we need another exit!
Katharina: ... I'll make one.
<One of the barred windows explodes outwards with a blast of Katharina's telekinesis>
<Meanwhile Shara grabs Book to help him move>
Book: B-but ... how are we ...
Katharina: Just jump after me!
Book: But -
<Katharina stands at the whole in the wall that was a window>
Katharina: <slightly smiling> Don't worry ... I'll use MAGIC!
Shara: Hold still!