↓ Transcript
<Outside of the door>
Byzarian thug: <running back up> What happened?!
Baroc thug: <standing up again after Katharina shoved her out> URG ... it was a fucking TRAP! The MAGE BLOCKED THE DOOR!
<Inside the room>
Shara: <pulls the chair with Book back up> Can you hold that for a bit while I help yer boy?!
Book: Mmlph ... ?
Katharina: Y-yeah ... as long as they dont have something like those bombs in the jungle ...
Shara: They'd blow themselves up using those here ...
Katharina: ... are you done yet?!
Shara: GIMME A FRICKIN MOMENT! They trussed him up REAL GOOD, okay?!
<Meanwhile, outside the byzarian thugs points toward the window besides them and the baroc nods>
Book: Hmmfh ... ?
Shara: <is trying to cut through thr thick ropes with her knife> I'm working on your ARMS right now, Bookworm! When that's done you can ungag YOURSELF while I free your legs - so SHUT UP!
Shara: ... there ya go ... YOU'RE WELCOME by the way.
Book: ... fhhnk yhww ...
Shara: How are we doin' at the door?
<Outside, the baroc thug is helping the byzarian climb out of the window and upwards>
<Inside, Katharina is still holding the door shut with magic>
Katharina: It's ... it's fine! I think ... they're not even trying to get through the door anymore?
<Outside, >