Holiday Sketches 6

Alt-text: "If you hold it like that she can see the answer, Halen ..."

Look, it's past Halen and Katharina learning things from cards. It might be ... I don't know, Tyr'Enn vocabulary? Or arcane terms. Or historical dates.

That's it for the holiday sketches, folks. Regular comics resume next sunday!

Year 2020 has still a few pages of chapter five to complete and then it's off to the next one! I gotta tell you, I've been looking forward to this year for a while ... and I hope you'll enjoy it, too!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Sketches 6

  1. I’d rather think Halen talked Katharina into a round of “truth or dare” …

    1. P.S.: I just realized, that’s actually something that could get very funny and interesting at the same time if Shara and Katharina would ever do it …

      1. That’s true – sounds like a great fanfiction theme to me XD

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