<Back where the rest of the expedition is waiting>
Prof. Brahms: I can not believe it! We are basically there and now this young girl won't let us SEE it? This is so FRUSTRATING!
Prof Queahn: Indeed. I just hope this young Lady knows what she is doing. I do have kind of a WEIRD FEELING in my tongue.
Prof. Brahms: You always have that. Usually it just means it is going to RAIN. Ech ... I just don't understand why Master Peck sent an OUTSIDER with us for this. Master Stettson would have done a fine job!
Prof. Brahms: <sighs> Twenty years ago we would have just gone and SNUCK A PEEK anyways.
Prof. Queahn: Luckily at least one of us has gotten wiser in that time.
Prof. Brahms: ... what is the matter old friend? You sound even more somber than usual.
Prof. Queahn: I don't know, Cornelius. I ... am just not sure we should really BE HERE. All of us.
<Close by, two guards are listening in>
Toyhe: Do you hear that? The old coots are getting NERVOUS.
Bac'Bessh: Eh, I don't blame them. This place gives me the CREEPS.
Toyhe: What place? The jungle? We've been here for DAYS.
Bac'Bessh: Not the jungle, dumbass! THIS place here ... those RUINS over there!
Toyhe: Oh COME ON. Not you too, man ... It's just a bunch of rocks! Don't tell me you're suddenly SUPERSTITIOUS!
Bac'Bessh: I'm NOT! It could just be ... more dangerous than we think!
Toyhe: Is it a SNAKE THING? Are you afraid some ANCIENT SPIRITS are going to come out of their grave and DEVOUR you? OUUUUUUH!
Bac'Bessh: ... FUCK YOU, man!



Alt-text: "For a Baroc the tongue replaces the gut as the organ where ... well ... gut feelings come from."

And here we are again! We start the new comic year with a look at the lower decks - I mean the back of the expedition. It seems some people are ... concerned.  

In other news:

  • In case you missed the holiday sketches: Just click "Prev" two times!
  • Chapter four now has a title page!
  • I also subtly redesigned the site a litte - following some feedback that it was difficult to find the last page you were at on an archive dive (especially on a smartphone). Mainly there now is a "tag page" button on the right below the comic, and the archive view (e.g. when you click on chapter or character tag) now has much, much smaller thumbnails and should be easier to navigate

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