The next few pages are going to get very interesting, I promise!

↓ Transcript
<Katharina is standing at the magic apparatus again, working on the field. Shara sits behind her and watches>
Shara: <thinking> And they're at it again. This'll be a long afternoon ... I wonder if it's kind of like picking a lock. And I wonder what happens if she SNAPS HER PICK. Maybe I should get ready to pull her away if something goes wrong ...
Shara: <thinking> I hope Pesh is keeping his distance over there as well. I don't trust these other two "Mages" ... if they knew what they were doing they wouldn't be in the GUARD, would they? I can't believe they didn't bring more REAL mages for this shit. Like KAT.
Shara: <thinking> ... holy fuck, am I really wishing for MORE mages? So much has happened since Goldhaven ...
<She looks down toward the ruins>
Shara: <thinking> ... it's strange how much I want to know what's down there. I never gave a fuck about history ... why now?
<She closes her eyes>
Shara: <thinking> Something ... is down there. I can feel it.
<Something is scratching at the edge of her thoughts>
Shara: <thinking> I can feel it. I can feel ... HIM. I am CLOSE.
<Something takes a step further in>
Shara: <thinking> ... I have to get close.
<A moment later, Katharina turns around>
Katharina: ... Shara? Could you do me a favor and fetch ... SHARA? Are you still there?
<Shara is gone>