<Shara walks down toward the ruins while hearing "Gideon" in her head>
Gideon: YES ... just a few more steps. I need you, Shara. It has been so long. Shrouded in silence and no one to call for. But not anymore. No more DREAMS, no more HIDING, no more FORGETTING.
<Shara arrives at the clearing and sees a translucent image of Gideon smiling at her>
Gideon: Hello, my love.
Shara: ... Gideon?
Gideon: Yes, Shara. It's me. You have done it. You found me.
Shara: I ... I don't understand what's going on ...
Gideon: You will. Soon all the borders and veils will be torn down. We will be together in MIND and BODY and SOUL. It will be BEAUTIFUL. You just need to help me OUT OF THIS PRISON.
Shara: What ... How do I do that ... ?
Gideon: I can almost do it by myself. ALMOST. I need YOU. TAKE MY HAND.
<She reaches out for his hand ... >



2 thoughts on “page360

  1. But … but green’s the color of hope!
    And I’ve never seen Cruella De’Mar work green magic. So that’s an up. She’s more the red and viole(n)t type. Speaking of … what will the lady say to this thing that is about to be drawn from the grave …
    Ah! The plot thickens!

    1. I like “Cruella de Mar”! And I guess she’d like it, too. Nobody tell her what dalmatians are.

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