<Shara takes "Gideon's" hand>
Gideon: ... Yes. YES!
<Both of them get enveloped in energy>
Gideon: You have opened the last door, Shara. Now come and take me with you.
Gideon: ... I promise you. YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE AGAIN!
<the whole clearing with the ruins lights up in a huge, magical reaction, originating from where the both of them are. It tears the field apart>



Alt-text: "That ... is that good?"

You might wonder where the purple is coming from ... well I needed another color to signify the fear field thing that was already there. And which might not be there much longer, as it seems.  

By the way, this webcomic is now about five years old. Wow! I say "about" because I'm not sure how to measure it, exactly ... page 1 was uploaded on 2015-01-06, but I uploaded the first few dozent pages as a bunch before I made the site publicly accessible so ... end of january sounds about right?

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