<Shara is slowly coming to conciusness again. Pesh and Katharina are standing over her, arguing>
Pesh: What do you mean you don't know? IS SHE ALRIGHT?!
Katharina: It's HARD TO TELL, okay?! I'm as worried as you are, but it's ... there is so much STRANGE MAGIC around here! And that reaction nearly knocked ME out, whatever it was!
Pesh: We should get her away from here. Maybe there is still something here that -
Katharina: WAIT, she's waking up!
Shara: Gnnnh ...
Pesh: SHARA! How are you feeling?
Katharina: Is everything alright with you? Do you remember what happened?! Lhûn, you were just GONE and the next thing I see is -
Shara: URGH, guys, CALM DOWN! My head hurts and you're just making it WORSE!
<Shara slowly sits up>
Pesh: Did you hit your head? Are you injured?
Shara: I'm fine. I just got knocked off my feet I think.
Katharina: But what -
Shara: What happened to that FIELD? is it still there?
Katharina: Um. No ... no it's gone.
Shara: ... oh.
Katharina: I ... I just don't believe that was OUR work.



Alt-text: "Oh look, she's fine! Everything will be fine, forever."

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