Pesh: Shara, why in the world were you DOWN HERE?
Katharina: That's ... a good question. Shara you were supposed to STAY WITH ME up there! But suddenly you're GONE and we find you at the center of a huge reaction that FRIED THE WHOLE FIELD!
Shara: I ...
Katharina: What is the last thing you remember?
Shara: I ...
Gideon: <in her head> Please don't tell them about us, Shara.
Shara: ... What?
Gideon: <in her head> It's not the time ... not yet.
Shara: Ngh ... fuck. FUCK.
<She sees Gideon standing there but no one else seems to notice>
Katharina: ... Shara? Are you still with us ... ?
Shara: Yeah ... I am. I just got KNOCKED OUT, gimme a break.
Katharina: S-sorry. I'm just really worried about you. If you remember ANYTHING ...
Gideon: <in her head> DON'T, Shara. Not yet. We are so close.
Shara: I ... I think I saw something down there. I wanted to check it out without throwing off your ...WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING Kat.
Pesh: What did you see?
Shara: I don't know. I thought I'd be safe if I didn't go further in than you did, Pesh. And then suddenly ... BOOM. ... that's all I remember.



Alt-text: "Look who can appear outside of dreams now!"

Gideon is kind of a tease, isn't he? It's always "so close" ...

3 thoughts on “page363

  1. Uh, can’t believe three weeks have passed since I last checked oO Mad times at the moment …
    Congrats for the 5 year anniversary! The first pages went first up on DA before you started this site, didn’t they? But I think you can’t properly see when something was uploaded here.

    And – three pages, and the riddle’s still not solved ^^

    1. Uploaded There. On DA. I hate my keyboard.

      1. I can, actually … the first page there was uploaded around 2012, so if I counted that it’d be more like 8 years :)

        And it’d be boring if I resolved all mysteries already, wouldn’t it? :O

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