<Somewhat later, the same day. Shara and Katharina are in the ruins, looking around. Katharina notes something in her book while Shara looks at some kind of rune carved into a stone>
Katharina: ... and you really don't want to lie down a bit more ... ?
Shara: For the hundredth time, I'm FINE Kat!
Katharina: Sorry! It's just - we STILL don't know what happened to you ...
Shara: Yeah, me neither. But you're sure there is no MORE surprises like that magic field down here?
Katharina: Um ... PRETTY SURE, yes. I mean we checked several times and there is still this ... STRANGE RESIDUAL MAGIC around here. But it doesn't seem to DO anything. It just ... IS here. I really don't know what to make of it. It is unlike anything I have ever felt ... Maybe there was some MAGICAL EXPERIMENTATION happening here? Maybe it was some kind of RESEARCH FACILITY of the Tyr'Enn ... they do like their OCTAGONAL BUILDINGS ...
Shara: You don't sound convinced.
Katharina: Well like I told you: these buildings could have been REUSED countless times by all different kinds of people. In fact I'm pretty sure these walls here are SIGNIFICANTLY YOUNGER - by comparison at least. I bet at some point the BAROC found these ruins and built their own things on top of it. First we should find out what the PURPOSE of these buildings were!
Shara: It's a burial ground.
Katharina: ... excuse me?
Shara: It's a grave. Someone is buried here. Someone important.
Katharina: HEH. You ... how would you know that? I mean don't get me wrong but if I don't know then how could YOU -
Shara: Fine, forget it. Figure it out yourself.
Katharina: ...
Shara: I'm right, though.
Katharina: ... are you SURE you don't have a concussion?



Alt-text: "Book is learning some history from Kat. Shara has her own sources ..."

It seems now that the panic field is gone they declared the area safe enough to let the dweebs in. I mean the scholars.  

Sorry that the Gideon thing still isn't resolved. There is still quite a lot more that has to be happening with him, Shara, and people around them ... it's not the kind of thing where they open a grave and then a dungeon boss comes out which they have to fight. Though that would've been cool, too, I guess :)

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