Katharina: Look, Shara, if you know something I dont' -
Shara: No, forget it - it's just a gut feeling.
Katharina: A FEELING.
Shara: You're right, YOU are the expert. I promised I wouldn't poke my nose into your history stuff, so I WON'T.
Katharina: ... RIGHT. I am going to speak with the professors now. Please keep your GUT FEELINGS to yourself for a while, alright?
Shara: Why, are you afraid I might be right?
Katharina: Maybe by PURE CHANCE. I mean I mentioned "burial site" first, right?
Shara: I guess, yeah.
Katharina: So ... you just picked something and hoped you'd get lucky? So you can, what, ACT SMUG?
Shara: No I'm actually pretty sure. But I DO like acting smug.
Katharina: You're acting ... kind of STRANGE right now, you know that?
<They catch up with the professors Brahms and Queahn who are standind at some old pillars>
Brahms: There you are Miss Grauch! We were just talking about the architecture here ....
Katharina: Oh, er, right! So what do you think, Professor Brahms? TYR'ENN and BARIAN, right?
Queahn: That is pretty obvious, yes. I can't say what it was built for ORIGINALLY, but the carvings on the barian pieces make it look like it was used as a TEMPLE by my people. There's no signs of FORTIFICATIONS, though, so I don't think it was used as an outpost during the war. At least not enough to justify building some extra walls here ...
Katharina: So you think it was already abandoned when the war started?
Queahn: I didn't say that. In fact there are some markings here that seem even NEWER than the other ones ... as if they were carved OVER the ones that were already here.
Katharina: What kind of markings?
Queahn: ... BURIAL MARKINGS, Miss Grauch.
Katharina: ... did you just say "BURIAL MARKINGS"?
Queahn; Er ... yes I did. Someone was buried here. Someone -
Katharina: - IMPORTANT. That bitch!
Queahn: Excuse me?
Katharina: ... nothing!



Alt-text: "That is one hell of a tree that decided to grow there in the middle ..."

It's the old professors! And they're only being a teeny bit condescending! Jay!

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