Holiday Sketches 8

Alt-text: "Don't worry Kat, she likes you ... she won't hit (too) hard."

Kat really thought it'd be a good idea to ask Shara if she could show her how to defend herself ...

As Katharina would be quick to remind you: She's not a complete wimp. She is certainly fitter than I am ... she's outside a lot and is used to walking longer distances and climbing stuff from time to time (even if she does have her magic if it gets too difficult). With a bit of training she could actually get half decent in physically defending herself (which is of course something very different from being an actual fighter). It's just that she gets stressed out and panics very quickly as soon as things get hairy ...  

Regular comics resume next week on 2021-01-10! And it'll be quite an action-packed year that is coming, I can tell you as much ...

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