Welcome back to the new year! I’m not gonna comment on how great it is that 2020 is over because everyone else is doing that already (and I’m kinda afraid to jinx it).

I hope you all had a nice time during the holidays despite everything … and thank you for continuing to tune in to Katharina and Shara’s adventures. I promised some trouble in the new year … and it seems Gideon is already feelin’ it coming.

↓ Transcript
Shara: Don't worry - I'll get her to leave soon. You said those two snakes want to leave, too? Maybe I can use THEM. And then we just get you as far away from here as we can. ... right?
Gideon: <looks toward the horizon> I'm not sure it will be THAT easy. She won't be the only one trying to get me ... there is at least ONE MORE entity trying to find me. And it's POWERFUL, too.
Shara: Fuck, REALLY? Do ... do you know what THAT is?
Gideon: I don't. I can barely make it out ... but it IS coming closer.
<Shara facepalms>
Shara: NATURE'S FUCKING MERCY, Gideon ... I ... I'm not sure I know how to deal with all that shit ...
Gideon: Do not worry, my love. We will find a way as soon as we have some TEMPORARY SAFETY. But first we need to LEAVE THE JUNGLE.
Shara: ... LEAVE THE JUNGLE. Right.
Shara: So ... how do I get us to leave as soon as possible? I can't tell Kat EVERYTHING or she'll just freak out ... but maybe BITS OF IT? So she knows there is SOME danger? Maybe that would get her to hurry up ... what ... what do you think?
Shara: ... GIDEON? Are you still there?
<Gideon looks towards the treeline>
Gideon: I am. And I'm afraid you might have much LESS time than anticipated.
Shara: What -
Gideon: You are going to get attacked. TONIGHT.