<The beast, now deadly wounded, lands on the ground and continues to scream in agony>
Katharina: <frightened> Argh! Hoo ... ly!
<An arrow comes from abowe, pierces the beasts eye>
Katharina: <startled> Sh ...
<The beast twitches one last time, then dies>
Katharina: <nervously> Ah!
<Shara jumps from a ledge, lands beside the beasts corpse>
Shara: Hmph ... I fucking HATE beasts like -hurf- this one ...
Katharina: Is it ... dead?!
Shara: <sighs> Yes, it is ...
Katharina: <shaken> I ... I need to sit down ...



Alt-text: "Sneak attack, bitch!"

I don't know why I made the panels in that strange order. Everytime I look at this page again I get confused, then I notice the small arrows I made for the reading direction ... sorry.

Updated on 2017-09-28: The thing with the panels still holds true :) What was I thinking ... I made the arrows a bit bigger and even thought about reordering the panels, but they're not exactly the same size ... and I wanted to touch the art as few as possible. Well, at least I fixed Shara's flipped words in the last panel .... (the old Version was a bit ... disturbing)

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