Magic in Yra (the world where this takes place) is not as feared or dangerous as it is, for example, in the world of Dragon Age. It’s a natural part of nearly everything in the world, although the people of Yra are still not very far in understanding how anything works.

Nonetheless, there are people who have some natural affinity for it, and some who don’t. Those who have, and train it, are able to do things the others will never be able to do … and since there’s still a lot to discover about magic, and it’s a very powerful force, no one really knows what you can do with magic, if you just try hard enough.

This leads to a nice mixture of envy and nervosity in a lot of magic inepts, because you can’t REALLY know if that guy can just make some fire with his mind or if he can also…. control your thoughts or something …

In addition to that, Shara comes from somewhere where there’s a whole political .. stuff happening between the Mage’s Guild and other parties, but that’s stuff for later …

Updated on 2017-09-30: I rearranged the text in the middle panel significantly in this one … it was basically unreadable the way it was before.

↓ Transcript
<Katharina sits on the floor to rest, her staff still glowing>
Katharina: If you hate beasts, then why ... did we go through this ... this beast-ridden cave?!
Shara: And how was I supposed to know that?! It was a shortcut! I just saved your fucking ass you hairless bitch!
Katharina: How dare you - hey!
<Shara grabs Katharina's arm, with the Sword still in her other hand, threatening>
Shara: Listen, you human slut! I HATE MAGES! Little shits like you who think they're better than me because they can do crap no one should be able to do! AND I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE!
<Katharina is still visibly shaken and intimidated by Shara's anger>
Katharina: O-okay. I'm sorry. I just want to get out of here alive. Please ...
Katharina: ... Y-you're better in here. Please get us out of here ... ?
<Shara's sword arm is trembling with anger>