To celebrate page 100 – here’s one of my favorite panels of Shara so far! (Maybe apart from the kick-in-the-balls-one)

Updated on 2018-01-13: … yep, still like it.

↓ Transcript
Katharina: <angry> And how in the world was I supposed to know that?! YOU were supposed to be MY protection!
Katharina: But you left me alone infront of that beast!
Shara: Well, how's this for an explanation ...
<Shara leans to Katharina and flips her two birds>
<Katharina seems shocked by that much profanity and doesn't know what to say>
Kshar: HARHAR, Shara, we should REALLY take a drink in Serpent's End ...
Kshar: I'd just LOVE to see you getting in all kinds of trouble ...
Shara: I'll do my best if you pay ...
Katharina: <to herself> ... unbeLIEVable!