<Katharina is now walking somewhat farther behind the other two, still mad>
Shara: Hey, I think the rain is stopping ... and the princess finally shuts up. Maybe the last part won't be that bad after all ...
Shara: So you know the taverns in Serpent's End, huh? Any favourites? I can't wait to drink 'till I drop ...
<She rips off a flover from the wayside and examines it in her hand>
Kshar: There's that one owned by a snake, the "Slithering Tail" ...
<He looks at Shara sniffing at the flower>
Kshar: - WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING! We haven't left the jungle yet!
Shara: <annoyed> Well, it's only a few more hours, isn't it? There aren't any "forsaken" living that close to the city, are they?!
Kshar: No. But the jungle itself is a danger.
<He points to a large tree atop of a hill>
Kshar: That's a spider tree. You remember what I told you about them?
Shara: Whatever ... I dunno. Huge ass spiders living in it?
<Shara steps on the thorn of a root emerging from the ground>
Shara: OW! FUCK!
Kshar: No. Poisonous roots emerging from the ground until up to 100 feet away ...



Alt-text: "That's why you pay attention to your teacher, kids."

Updated on 2018-01-13: from this page on (actually some strips earlier even) I had started drawing the panel borders not as simple black lines but as those thinner black lines with white inbetween, like those I use now - only drawn per hand (using a ruler, of course). Thus they were of differing width and it actually became more complicated to draw over them on PC ... so if the spaces inbetween panels vary a bit in the upcoming pages it's because they did in the original version, too ;) (same deal as with the new speech bubbles, really. If they seem strangely shaped, it's because the original ones were.)

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