Updated on 2018-01-19

↓ Transcript
<Shara leans on a tree and holds her injured foot>
Shara: NATURES motherfucking TITS, CRAP! <she hesitates and looks up to Kshar> ... wait, poisonous?
Kshar: They'll paralize your legs within minutes. The rest takes a little longer ... and then the guards arrive.
Shara: G ... what guards?
Shara: What the FUCK are you talking about?! I have to get the poison out! Don't you have some antidote or something?!
Kshar: <looks grim> You won't even get it out by chopping your legs off. It's already in your blood.
Kshar: And I don't need antidote, I WATCH WHERE I STEP! And I told YOU, where to step, TOO!
<Kshar grabs for his axe>