Updated on 2018-01-20: What Shara actually wanted to say was: “I’m gonna make you laugh, so you’ll like me more and be more inclined to help me. Let’s be friends!”

↓ Transcript
Shara: What, and that's IT?! You could've warned me sooner, you ASSHOLE!
Shara: I'm gonna MAKE you -
<She draws her sword and tries to approach him, but he points his axe at her>
Kshar: DON'T!
<She growls, but stands still>
Kshar: You were good in combat ... but not THAT good. But I could kill you quickly, if you want to. Just one swing.
Shara: <getting desperate> N-no ... NO! You can't just ... You can carry me! You're FUCKING STRONG!
Kshar: <squints his eyes> I told you, I'm NOT gonna carry you. I told you: as soon as you become a hindrance, you're on your own.