Shara: NO! No you can't do that! I'll ... I'll PAY you!
<Shara holds her leg that already seems to be limping, while Katharina slowly catches up to them, looking puzzled>
Katharina: Eh ... what's going on here ... ?
<Shara tried to walk, but her leg nearly gives out>
Shara: Ngh!
Katharina: <concerned> Is ... is there any danger?
Shara: <hysterical> HE WANTS TO LET ME DIE!!
Kshar: <calm, but serious> She stepped on a poisoned root.
Kshar: And now she's gonna get paralized and eaten by guards.
Katharina: WHAT?! That's - that's horrible! What "guards"?!
Kshar: Every spider tree has some wild animals as some sort of guard. They protect the tree and it's fruit, and in return they get to eat everything that steps on the roots. It's symbiotic.



Alt-text: "And there's nothing like getting a botanic lecture while waiting to get paralized and die a horrible death."

Updated on 2018-01-20: I think I had some nice frayed speech bubbles there conveying Shara's increasingly hysteric voice, so I decided to keep them. Also: The spider tree concept might sound ridiculous, but it's still more plausible than most animals from the DnD monster manuals! Still, it's already one of the more exotic things you can find in the nature of Yra. No talking trees or teleporting leopards to find. (Well ... probably not. We'll see.)

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