<Shara klings to the tree she's leaning at and sounds more and more panicked>
Shara: I'm NOT gonna get eaten by ANYTHING!! PLEASE!!
Katharina: <stressed> Lhûn! Can't ... can't you do ANYTHING for her, Kshar?
<Shara's legs fail and she collapses onto her knees>
Shara: Hngh!
Kshar: No.
Kshar: Her legs are already failing, see?
Shara: FUCK YOU! I'm ... fine! I can walk! I c-can ... <She groans, trying desperately to stand up again>
<Shara coffs exhaustet, as she doesn't succeed>
Katharina: Can't we ... take her with us somehow?! You said it isn't far anymore!
Kshar: It's still too far to carry someone on your shoulder through a dangerous jungle.
Shara: Y-you ... *ngh* ... you can't be serious! C'mon, I GAVE YOU 50 GOLD!!
<She points at Katharina>
Shara: And I saved YOUR life, human!
Katharina: <torn> Um.
Shara: TWICE!



Alt-text: "Always this guilt-tripping ..."

Updated on 2018-01-21

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