Updated on 2018-01-26

↓ Transcript
Shara: PLEASE! I can't feel my legs anymore! I don't want to get eaten! PLEASE, KATHARINA!
Katharina: A-alright ...
Shara: <crying> I'm sorry for everything I fucking said ... I'M SORRY!
<Katharina kneels beside her and tries to grab her>
Katharina: I SAID ALRIGHT! I'll ... I'll try ... eh ... something.
<Katharina tries to pull Shara up>
Katharina: UNGH! You ... you have to help me! Stand up, C'MON!
Shara: <half-delirious> I can't! I can't fucking stand! I can't feel my legs!
<Katharina is not strong enough to carry Shara, and both fall down>
Katharina: ARGH!
Shara: Ngh!