<Katharina bows over Shara, tries to catch her breath again>
Katharina: ARGH ... ngh ... okay, wait, don't panic! <pants> M-maybe I can do something about <huffs> ... the poison ...
Shara: <whining> ... I can't feel my legs ...
Shara: Help, please ... heal me!
Katharina: <panicked> I'm - I'm TRYING, okay?! Sh-shut up and HOLD STILL!
<Katharina tries to heal the poison with magic>
Shara: <groans>
<Katharina hangs her head>
Katharina: ... I ... I can't, I'm sorry ... It's ... it's everywhere ...



Alt-text: "Poison removal with magic is complicated as shit."

Updated on 2018-01-27

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  1. Sir Rennifer of Avancourt

    Sad. Too bad there is no antidote.

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