I always wonder if I’m stretching this scene out too much. Maybe you readers already say “Goddammit, let her die or be saved already!!”

But I wouldn’t feel quite right for me … this is a really dreadful and helpless experience for both of them, and I always wonder what I would do if I was by someone who needs help, can’t walk on his own, I can’t carry him and there’s no one to call for help … would I go out of my way and risk my own life?

Soooo in short … this is a rather important scene in the relationship between those two, so I’d hate to cut it short ;) But don’t worry, just a few more pages. For the few people who actually read this :D

Updated on 2018-01-27

↓ Transcript
Shara: <weak> ... please ... help me ... do something ... I'll give you money! I'll do everything you want!
Katharina: <frustrated> I CAN'T HEAL YOU, ok?! I'm not GOOD enough!
<Shara gathers her last strength and tries to sit up>
Shara: HNGH ... then ... carry me ... to the city, please, there's ... got to be an antidote ... K-Kshar said there's an ANTIDOTE!
Katharina: CARRY YOU?!
Katharina: I can't carry you for hours! I'm REALLY sorry, Shara, but -
<Shara manages to sit up and grabs Katharina by her sleeve, looking really desperate>
Shara: PLEASE! Please! Use magic! Teleport me! Levitate me! Turn me into a rat! I don't care! PLEASE!!
Katharina: O-okay ... okay, let me think ... let me think for a while, a-alright?
<Shara sinks back down>
Shara: I ... I can feel my hip getting numb ...
Katharina: O-okay, maybe I can carry you with some telekinesis ... But you have to drop that bag ... a-and the armor ... the less weight, the better ...