<Katharina starts opening the straps on Shara's armor>
Shara: ... I can't feel my hip ... I could be pissing myself and not notice it ...
Katharina: Could you please NOT say that while I'm UNDRESSING YOU?!
<Katharina fumbles around unsuccesfully on a bent buckle>
Katharina: Almost done here ... why doesn't that strap OPEN?!
Shara: fuck ... fuck ...
Katharina: <increasingly frustrated> Aw ... nh ... ah goddammit!
<She sears the strap open with magical fire>
<She looks at the burn scar left at Shara's right leg>
Katharina: O ... oh crap, sorry Shara ... did ... did that hurt?
Shara: No ... I WISH it did ...
Katharina: A-at least now it's open ...
Shara: Hooray ...



Alt-text: "There's a bright side to everything."

Updated on 2018-02-03

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