<Katharina stands up, having removed all of Shara's armor>
Katharina: A-allright, armor's off, and now ...
Shara: <weak> ... please hurry up ... I don't want to know what those "guards" are ...
<Katharina casts some magic on Shara>
<Shara starts to glow>
Shara: What ... what d'd'y'do ... ?
Katharina: Well, I ... I can't levitate you the wholöe way ... but I can make you lighter ...
<Katharina picks up Shara and throws her over her shoulders>
Katharina: HNGH ... that should be ... easy enough to keep up ...
Katharina: ... I ... hope ...
Shara: <weak> fuck ... fuck ...



Alt-text: "A great spell to evade overweight fees."

What Katharina has to find here is to find a balance between the effort it takes to carry a grown woman, and the effort it takes to keep up a continious magic effect. She can't normally carry Shara for two hours straight, but she also can't keep a levitation spell up on her for two hours. There actually is something like making a spell effect permanent - or at least lingering by itself for a while, but it takes a great effort to apply ... significantly more than Katharina has the time and nerve to do right now.

Also, I noticed in the last few pages I sometimes placed the speech bubbles ambigously concerning the order of speech ... I shall try to avoid that in the future. See the transcript if you're unsure if something is supposed to come before or after something else *ahem*.

Updated on 2018-02-03: Unfortunately, there's no real way to swap out the positions of the two bubbles in panel 3, else I'd have done it. Sorry.

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