<Katharina carries Shara on her back through the jungle>
Katharina: Ngh ...
Shara: <weakish> dead ... all dead ...
<Some noises come from the bushes behind them>
Katharina: W-what ... What was that?!
Shara: <weakish> ... the guards ...
Katharina: CRAP! Ngh ... please no ...
Shara: <weakish> ... guard beast ... eating me ...
<Katharina tries pick up some speed>
Katharina: CRAP ... c'mon ... nh ...
Shara: <weakish> ... black ... flying demons ...
Katharina: Please shut up ...



Alt-text: "Doing the right thing sucks."

This chapter nears it's end ... and I honestly don't know how many people already came here to read it ... and how many stayed to read more ;) But if you are someone who reads my comic ... and want's to continue reading it ... thank you very much, you're awesome!

Updated on 2018-02-03: And this is where Kat also loses her nice speech bubbles. Because she has zero calm left at this point.

2 thoughts on “page113

  1. Hey, I keep coming here to read it… though I only go through the webcomic list every month or two, yours is on the list. ;)

    1. I’m happy about every reader, glad to hear you keep reading :)

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