Last page I actually forgot to give Peck’s fur the spots he’s supposed to have. Shame!

Updates on 2018-02-10: Katharina is like someone visiting australia for the first time, I guess

↓ Transcript
Master Peck: But at first ... let me, as the guild master of Serpent's End, welcome you in our halls.
Katharina: Er ... thank you, Master Peck.
Master Peck: MWe DID eagerly await your arrival ...
Master Peck: ... but it's curcumstances are a bit ... worrying.
Katharina: Why - because I nearly DIED? That seems pretty much NORMAL in this region!
Master Peck: Hmh ... If you take the route you took, yes. We expected you to arrive by ship, which would have been a lot safer.
Master Peck: But I'm sure you had your reasons ... ?
Katharina: <thinks> Alright, that's him. He could be a traitor to the guild. Be careful what you say. You can do this.