<The next day, at the Mage's Guild in Serpent's End>
<Katharina is sitting on a bed, still looking bruised, Master Peck stands befor her>
Master Peck: Are you feeling better, Miss Grauch?
Katharina: Yes, ehr, thank you ... still a bit weak, though ...
Master Peck: I understand you still need rest ... but we need to talk.
Katharina: I ... er ... can manage that, I think.
Master Peck: Good.
Master Peck: <grim looking> Because we have a LOT to discuss.



Alt-text: "It looks more like she was beaten up ... but I guess she got those bruises from branches in the woods and from falling down several times and at the end ..."

And here begins chapter 3. I like the artwork in this page ... but I'm not sure I like the name I gave this chapter. Maybe I'll change it later on.

I wondered wether I should put in some chapter title pages or something ... but I'm already just posting once a week and that'd feel like cheating ^^ (And I was too lazy to draw it in addition.)

And, if you still haven't figured out, what the emblem of the Mage's Guild is ... take a guess.

Updated on 2018-02-10: I did change the chapter title later ... I can't even remember what it was, originally :x

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  1. Uuuh the tension! Peck doesn’t look too friendly, does he?

    1. dun-dun-DUN!

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