Chapter Three

Alt-text: "If Shara looks 5 years older in this picture I have done my job right."

Welcome to chapter three: "Echoes from the past"!

Look who is right in the center of this one ... this chapter is going to deal a lot with the fallout of what happened at the end of the last one (you know, the one you probably just read, if you're here ;) ). It's about dealing with the past and dreading the future. But don't worry, Katharina still has enough to do herself, even if she is a bit one the side in this picture. She and Shara will get to know each other a lot better ... and you'll be introduced to the lovely guy right behind her (If you've peeked into the cast page you might already know him)!

The one on the right is a whole different story, though ... maybe you faintly recognize him from some earlier of Shara's dreams. Of course this chapter will not only be moping about the past - there'll be plenty of new complications along the way.

So ... have fun and thanks for reading!


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