Oh my god, nipples!

Updated on 2017-11-12: The first dream sequence … I decided to keep the bubbles themselves as they were, my dream sequences were always a bit more … freestyle.

(god that sounded cheesy)

↓ Transcript
<Shara dreams she's laying in bed, sleeping with Gideon. She seems jounger>
Gideon: What have we gotten ourselves into, Shara?
Shara: Mhm ...
Shara: Mhm ... don't worry, Gideon ... we're gonna make it ...
Gideon: Shara ...
Shara: Tomorrow ...
Gideon: Shara, I love you!
Gideon: I love you, Shara!
Shara: I ... I ...
<Shara wakes up, she lies in bed next to a sleeping Aken>
<Shara buries her head in her hands>