Katharina: Could you please get to the point, Master Coumi?
Master Coumi: Patience, please. You need to hear the whole thing. From sending a message to Backstown to the arrival of help you can expect a whole two and a half to three months to pass. That's the reason Serpent's End doesn't trade with the east ... instead, it trades with the north, mostly Goldhaven, via ship. The journey there takes about two weeks.
Katharina: So ... ?
Katharina: <thinks> C'mon, get it together, Katharina. Act like the big magician you are. Even if he sounds like your old history teacher ...
Master Coumi: So sending directly to Goldhaven - which has, as you know, the biggest guild hall in the world - and recieving answer would only take about a month. And you'd expect that, if you're looking for an expert, you'd definetily find him there.
Katharina: Er ... but why did Master Peck send to Backstown, then ... ?
Master Peck: He didn't just send for Beckstown, Miss Grauch ...
Master Coumi: He asked for you specifically.
Katharina: <surprised> What?



Alt-text: "TL; DR: something's fishy, dude ..."

There's a mistake in Coumi's monologue ... it should be "trades with the east", not with the west ... doesn't really matter to the subject at hand, though. I fixed it in the transcript.

Updated on 2017-11-12: Now the text is right in the comic, too o/

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