Master Peck: But ... I'll give you some time to breathe.
Katharina: ...
Master Peck: Seek me in my office as soon as you're ready.
Katharina: <relieved> phew ...
Master Peck: <while leaving, to someone outside the door> NOW you can talk to her, Halen.
Katharina: <surprised> Halen?
Halen: <leans in and smiles> KATHARINA! Nature must really LOVE us to send an angel from the jungle to stay by our side!



Alt-text: "I could've also called the comic 'No Angels' but there are several problems with that ..."

Introducing: Halen! The cast page is already updated for a while ;)

Updated on 2018-02-15: Halen!

Updated on 2023-09-14: Wow, I don't know why I made that reference in the alt-text. In case you don't know (and why would you), the "No Angels" where a casting-show-made, german girlgroup from the early 2000s ...

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