Alt-text: "Halen sure does like his flowery language."

Updated on 2018-02-15: By now I'm sure I have multiple personalities that argue about the right spelling of "B[e|a]ckstown". The "A" person seems to be winning, though. (I think canonically I'll just say both spellings are correct ... >_>)

2 thoughts on “page122

  1. How about this: Initially, it was called Beckstown, after the famous adventurer and brewer Beck, who founded the town (or was it just some people who wanted to honor him because they were fond of his beer? Well, doesn’t really matter …).
    Later, because it was such a backwater town, people started to call it Backstown instead.
    And thus, the two names still coexist to the present day …

    1. … you mean he invented Beck’s? :o Product placement opportunities!

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