Updated on 2018-02-15: By now I’m sure I have multiple personalities that argue about the right spelling of “B[e|a]ckstown”.

The “A” person seems to be winning, though.

(I think canonically I’ll just say both spellings are correct … >_>)

↓ Transcript
<Katharina stands up and she and Halen hug enthusiastically>
Katharina: HALEN! I can't believe it! I'm SOOO glad to finally see a friendly face again!
Halen: <laughs> I'm really glad, too, sweetie!
Halen: ... how long has it been since our ways parted?
Katharina: Oh, I don't know ... 5 years?
<Halen takes a good, worried look at her>
Halen: Frankly, my dear: You look HORRIBLE! You REALLY had us worried there when you arrived in such a ... DRAMATIC fashion.
Katharina: <sighs> I know, I know ... it's not like I CHOSE to do that, though ... it seems just that everything on my journey tried to kill me ...
Katharina: <starting to break down> And now I'm HERE and it doesn't seem I'm welcome here, either ... I REALLY wish I never left Beckstown ...