Updated on 2018-02-16

↓ Transcript
<Katharina sobs and Halen hugs her again>
Halen: Awww, don't say that, sweetie ... you're ALWAYS welcome here ...
Halen: I'd be DEVASTATED had I been robben of the chance to welcome the glorious travelling adventurer and historian Katharina Arkadia Grauch one more time!
Katharina: <smiles> Oh Halen ... you haven't changed a bit ...
Katharina: You KNOW I'm not an "adventurer" ... and definitely not a glorious one!
Halen: <grins> Aw, c'mon, as if you wouldn't like me flattering you!
Katharina: <blushes> Well ... maybe I missed it. A bit.
Halen: You see? And concerning your sparse welcome from Master Peck ...
Halen: You have to excuse his rude manners. He always has a LOT to worry about ... And he can get a bit ... PARANOID sometimes.