Next time we’ll have a brake from those two … I think they’re quite cute, and good for exposition, but I fear if they’re just talking for 20 pages it might not be that interesting for you ;)

Updated on 2018-02-17

↓ Transcript
Katharina: You ... RECOMMENDED me? And he ... sent for ME? Because of YOUR word?!
<Halen gives her a kiss on the cheeck and smiles>
Halen: Don't sound so surprised, sweetie ... you know I can be ... persuasive.
Katharina: <smirks> That ... eh ... well then I should thank you, hm? I'm really glad to have a friend like you, Halen ...
Katharina: <thinks> Well, I guess that explains it ...
Halen: Now, how tired are you? Do you need some more rest, or shall I show you around a bit?
Katharina: Well I ... I guess a little walk in fresh air wouldn't hurt ...
Katharina: <still looks concerned, thinks> ... or does it? I actually still don't know what's happening here ... with Master Peck and Master Coumi ... or Halen ...
Halen: Great, follow me, sweetie! You'll LOVE the courtyard, I swear!
Katharina: <follows him, thinking> This is all too much ... I feel like my head is bursting ... Maybe I should relay and see how things turn out ...