Alt-text: "If you look very close you'll see signs of Shara being indoctrinated by Reapers."

I hesitated tagging this one "dream" but then again ... it's obvious, isn't it? You're not that dumb, are you ... ? ;P

Also I renamed the chapter to "Echoes From The Past" ... it fitted a bit more with what happened ... and still will. And of course with this strip specifically ;)

Updated on 2018-03-17: Now this was ... different. I was honestly tempted to leave the whole page as it is as I used the dream pages on purpose to break structure a bit ... but I did start the relettering thing mainly to make all the texts legible, so ... at least the words are updated.

"legible" is relative, of course, and I couldn't just give dream text all the same look as elsewhere ... so this is where "DeathRattle BB" comes in (thanks again to for having awesome free fonts for comic artists to use!) I know it's not as readable as AnimeAce, but it has the right ... visceral look I needed here.

(The last panel is an extreme case btw, I just couldn't see a way to put digital letters over there without disturbing hte picture too much ... I hope it's still readable enough.)

Updated on 2023-09-14: ... why was I so weirdly rude in the original comment? Sorry about that.

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