I hesitated tagging this one “dream” but then again … it’s obvious, isn’t it? You’re not that dumb, are you … ? ;P

Also I renamed the chapter to “Echoes From The Past” … it fitted a bit more with what happened … and still will. And of course with this strip specifically ;)

Updated on 2018-03-17: Now this was … different. I was honestly tempted to leave the whole page as it is as I used the dream pages on purpose to break structure a bit … but I did start the relettering thing mainly to make all the texts legible, so … at least the words are updated.

“legible” is relative, of course, and I couldn’t just give dream text all the same look as elsewhere … so this is where “DeathRattle BB” comes in (thanks again to blambot.com for having awesome free fonts for comic artists to use!)
I know it’s not as readable as AnimeAce, but it has the right … visceral look I needed here.

(The last panel is an extreme case btw, I just couldn’t see a way to put digital letters over there without disturbing hte picture too much … I hope it’s still readable enough.)

↓ Transcript
<an older Shara in the void>
Gideon: It's all too much for us, Shara. They're too many ...
Shara: We're gonna make it.
Gideon: <begins to burn and vanish> No Shara. I didn't. You know that.
Shara: ... I know.
Shara: <crying> I thought ... maybe this time you could make it ...