<Katharina and Shara are walking across the hills>
Shara: So ... how long 'till we reach Blackshire?
Katharina: Er ... you don't know?
Shara: Do I look like a fucking map? You're the scholar here ...
Katharina: Er ... yes, but I DID hire you as a guide, didn't I ... ? And, well ... I don't want to complain ...
Shara: Then don't!
Shara: I never said I was a freakin' ranger or anything ... the only thing you wanted was someone to come along so you don't get eaten. And I've done that. Contract fulfilled.
Katharina: Well ... maybe ...
Shara: Maybe you should practice your negotiating skills a bit more, girl.
Katharina: Mphf. Yes, I better ...
Shara: <quit> Y' gonna lose a lot of gold ...



Alt-text: "Better had made a certified contract ..."

Updated on 2017-09-30: I think I left a bit much of whitespace when erasing the old bubbles ... oh, well.

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