<Katharina and Shara venturing further through the plains>
<Katharina and Shara climbing down a small slope>
<Katharina reaching the top of a hill, fatigued>
Katharina: Ngh. Can we ... rest for today?
<She looks to the horizon>
Katharina: Eh, that's Blackshire over there, we missed it by some miles ...
Shara: AUGH! Ok, great. Let's rest.



Alt-text: "I think the original transcript for this comic was just '<travelling montage>' ..."

This scan got a bit pale as it seems ...

Updated on 2017-10-02: I tried to increse the contrast a bit while updating the speech bubbles.

Updated on 2023-09-08: I still like what I managed to do for the wide shots with my limited practice and just some black pens.

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