Until now I didn’t tell much about where those two came from, where they are going (apart from that it’s called Blackshire), or what they intend to do there. But guess what … it’s gonna come up sooner or later ;)

I just wanted to start with a simple, closed situation with an immediate danger to show what those two are like. It may seem a bit like a “random encounter”, but that won’t happen all the time. Travelling is still dangerous in this world, but you won’t run across 1D3 goblins every day …

Updated on 2017-10-02

↓ Transcript
<Evening, Katharina and Shara resting at a fireplace>
Katharina: ... Shara?
Shara: Hmh.
Katharina: Can I ask you something?
Shara: Hmph.
Katharina: Why do ... er ... I mean ... what do you plan to do in Blackshire?
Katharina: I mean ... is it your destination or are you travelling further ... ?
Shara: I don't see how that's any of your business.
Katharina: Hey, no need to get angry again. I just wanted to know ...
Katharina: Well ... actually I wanted to know why you seem to hate magicians that much.