<Evening, Katharina and Shara resting at a fireplace>
Katharina: ... Shara?
Shara: Hmh.
Katharina: Can I ask you something?
Shara: Hmph.
Katharina: Why do ... er ... I mean ... what do you plan to do in Blackshire?
Katharina: I mean ... is it your destination or are you travelling further ... ?
Shara: I don't see how that's any of your business.
Katharina: Hey, no need to get angry again. I just wanted to know ...
Katharina: Well ... actually I wanted to know why you seem to hate magicians that much.



Alt-text: "I mean how could someone NOT like Katharina? I mean she has sonic hair! Like Sam from 'sam and fuzzy'!"

Until now I didn't tell much about where those two came from, where they are going (apart from that it's called Blackshire), or what they intend to do there. But guess what ... it's gonna come up sooner or later ;)

I just wanted to start with a simple, closed situation with an immediate danger to show what those two are like. It may seem a bit like a "random encounter", but that won't happen all the time. Travelling is still dangerous in this world, but you won't run across 1D3 goblins every day ...

Updated on 2017-10-02

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