<Silence, Shara hesitates>
<Shara puts away the bow she had in her hand>
Shara: You don't ... just don't ask. Just nevermind it.
Shara: I'll go to sleep. G'night.



Alt-text: "In the third panel Shara looks like a donkey. Oh well."

I didn't plan this comic in chapters. I just made one page after the other. But as I made this website, and comicpress hat this feature for chapters, I thought ... why not?

So I'm trying to divide the old stuff in rough sections ... and this page would be the end of the first, the prologue. It's the prologue because it just introduced the two main characters, told a bit about their current situation and how they're like, nothing more.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter (for reference, ask Linkin Park), you can just read one page after the other without caring for chapters.

Updated on 2017-10-02

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