Chapter One

Alt-text: "Seems like they meet the blue-man-group in this one."

Welcome to chapter one: "Crossing Paths"!

As I mentioned in the comment to the last page, I didn't plan this comic in chapters, originally. "Originally" here meaning back in 2012 when I drew these first pages. Then in 2015 when I started this site and uploaded the first hundred pages that already existed I tried to divide them into sensible parts for the chapter breaks (and come up with decent chapter names of course).

The first 16 pages were the prologue where you could meet the two protagonists Katharina and Shara and where they were thrown into a simple (but dangerous) situation so you as the reader could get to know them and how they interact with each other. Now comes "Crossing Paths" which gives you a bit more information about both of their backstory and introduces a few more characters for them to interact with. And of course you get to see more of how good (or bad) Katharina and Shara get along with each other ...

Have fun and thank you for reading!


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