<The next morning. Katharina just wakes up and sees Shara eating some meat>
Katharina: Umph ...
Katharina: <sleepy> Uh ... g'morning. What're you eating there ... ?
Shara: <mouth full> Fquirrel.
Katharina: Eh ... squirrel?
Shara: <mouth full> Yef. What you ekfpectin'? Ferry pie?
Katharina: No! I ... I don't have a problem eating squirrel. R ... really.
Shara: ... really?
Katharina: Yes ... ?
Shara: ... Well then go kill one, this one's mine.
<Katharina sighs>



Alt-text: "Hmmmm ... squirrel."

The first panel is supposed to be the transition from her dream to waking up with her hair in her face. I thought it was nice ...

Updated on 2017-10-02: I still really like the thing I did in the first panel. I guess not all of your old art looks bad when you look back ;)

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